Mandala Proyect


One of the characteristics of education in Colombia is the mismatch between Education Systems-Training and the new demands of society, this creates dislocation and disorientation in the learner-teaching process include activities that promote entrepreneurship with playful, educational material in Educational Institutions it is critical since it promotes a learning process through experimentation. This will allow the students to apply knowledge acquired in solving problems of their daily.

Children in early childhood are likely to assimilate all kinds of information; all in one way or another are researchers both his body and objects present in the environment. Sometimes it is within the School System that these skills are sacrificed to mold them according to what each Institution wants or believes they should be, without what these children want to be.

Therefore we want to offer an educational model based on values, trust, without tension, where they emphasize more on processes holistically where teachers with vocation are trained academically and psychologically to help the formation of future generations.

MANDALA aims to give the child user friendly material, easy to handle, fostering a friendly School environment, in addition to knowledge, encourage values and principles in order to train future Leaders men and women with critical sense  with creative skills and innovation.

MANDALA has components sensitization, according to the integral formation of the child, managing general work skills making them obvious in the context of everyday life, acquiring basic knowledge, in turn specifying actions and behaviors very useful in personal environment, social and productive life.

For the teacher MANDALA is a tool with which you can identify skills and define profiles ,which will be of great importance at the time of qualitative evaluation, as will be more objective ,having the ability to formulate and implement proposals that offer the child richness, variety and quality of opportunities depending on the capabilities and profiles identified.


As professionals in any area, we must take on challenges, in order to be competitive in the productive sectors, which is why we have made a commitment to education, starting from pre-school and elementary school.We want kids to enjoy learning, encouraging the creation and formation of new talents capable and creative.


In order to be leaders ,we have built a choice of education, from school the child developing in a language that motivate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit ,with these tools and from small experiences they will be maturing and envisioning life chances ,so as to achieve meaningful and significant learning to reality in their life, becoming happy and successful human-beings