Novasist Proyect

NOVASIST stems from the idea of developing services for older adults, disable and/or dependent, in response to changes in the population pyramid that are taking place in Colombia ,where the proportion of older adults against Young population is increasing and for the coming years may begin showing similarities with the population characteristics in European Countries.

It is also increasingly evident that services for this growing population must go beyond simple health-care, as the quality of life of this population, influenced by others, cultural, family or traditional social factors that make their needs and expectations diferent and therefore the services they require.

NOVASIST purpose is to contribute to social progress, improving the quality of life of people both in the home environment as well as community and institutional, providing assistance through technologies designed for this purpose, backed by a team of ethical and professional trained to respond in a timely manner.

NOVASIST through technological aids supported by a qualified human group, but especially interested and motivated, seeks to provide people who live alone or have a situation of permanent or temporary disability or need for monitoring, or immediate emergency care, a service that provides protection, security and tranquility at any time of day.



From a Central Management Services, along with Telecare units, they bring the necessary peace and security that any older or vulnerable adult person who desires to live independently requires.


Being recognized as the pioneers in developing and delivering solutions to respond immediately to situations and needs of people, generated by society, disability, emergency, security and support.


Our services are provided integrally, we take care of every detail and are flexible enough to adapt to the needs and particularities of our clients.

We work every day to meet the agreed timely and promptly to our customers, with the premise of being with our beneficiaries whenever they need us


We have a wide sense of belonging to the community of which we are part, resulted in a policy of social responsibility aimed at seeking mutual benefits for our organization and society to which we belong, generating Jobs and giving priority to older or disabled adults in full possession of their mental faculties.


For installation, commissioning and service provision, as well as for the evaluation, control monitoring and measurement of service quality, NOVASIST has taken as a reference.

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